Introducing Boon,

a card game that brings to life the German classic sheepshead.

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Whether you're new to card games or are a pro at Pitch, Hearts and Euchre, you'll love Boon. The colorful, custom deck simplifies gameplay so it's easy to learn but hard to put down. Plus, there's a twist.

Take the Boon and you're on a solo team against everyone else. But don't get too comfortable - your opponents in that round may be your allies in the next. Will you take the Boon?

Have you played sheepshead?
our cards make all the difference
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If you've ever played sheepshead, you know that it can be daunting to teach new players - and sometimes even tougher to get them to play a second time!

Boon preserves the same beloved gameplay from sheepshead, but uses a custom deck of beautifully designed cards that were made to match the rules of the game.

No more wondering which cards are trump, no more having to remember that Tens beat Kings, or how many points each card is worth.

Of course veteran sheepshead players already have mastered these concepts, but for new players these changes make the difference between learning the game in minutes rather than hours.

3-4 Players

Ages 12+

15 - 45 Minutes